For over 35 years the arrival of the Corvair Underground print catalog was a big event. We were constantly upgrading and improving every printing.

Of course as you know, times change. Presently it's my opinion that large print catalogs are a relic of the past. They were always expensive to print, assemble and distribute. We lost money on every one - many years losing up to 6-7 dollars per catalog!

As of 2017 most of our product line is listed here at the website. But as a compromise we have put together a smaller print catalog for those of you who like to have something in your hand.

Those who remember our old print Corvair NEWS will recognize what we're doing. Back prior to 2009 we used to send out a 12 page print newsletter to anyone who asked for it. The NEWS had our most popular products and had news about new stuff.

Our 2017 print catalog is like the old NEWS - but on steroids. It's 40 pages in the smaller booklet format that features our most popular items. We discovered, back in the NEWS days, that 90% of our sales involved things in the NEWS rather than from our giant catalog.

If you want to order one of these mini-catalogs by itself it's just $1.00. They will be sent FREE with all paid mail orders.

     All prices are current and the catalog (as in the old days) changes every time we print it (About once a month).




     Although this mini-catalog  has cut out all the tech articles, ads, cartoons etc they can still be accessed by downloading our last big print catalog. 

Click HERE to do that


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