We've been selling Engine rebuild Superkits since we invented the Superkit concept over 20 years ago. These kits offer the quality parts in a package that anticipates what you will need at a lower discounted price over buying the parts individually.....

               These kits come in several different basic versions but are also customizable with different options so that you can order precisely the kit you need. Please note that we have redesigned this line of kits to better reflect current trends. If you have our older part numbers you can still use them if you wish.

                When making the decision to rebuild your engine what are the first things you should consider?

1) Piston rings, gaskets, seals, O rings are an absolute minimum. Many would also add main and rod bearings. But if you're not going to split the case main bearings would not be needed.

2) Most Corvair rebuilders wouldn't even consider doing a rebuild that they could stand behind without at least replacing the piston and barrel assemblies. The reason is because these components get the worst abuse from millions of heat and stress cycles. The combustion chamber is where the stress happens! That means that the tops and sides of your pistons are at risk.

          If you find you have a bad piston (from heat damage) then you should replace ALL of them!

3) Because of the age of all Corvair motors our most popular kits include all of the above plus other additional parts. How you plan to use the motor comes into play as well.

    First, let's list the basic kits and then we'll talk about options and modifications. Always remember that if you can't get all the information you need here we are always willing to talk to you via phone or e mail.


A - BASIC ENGINE SUPERKIT      Includes complete Rite Kit gasket seal and O ring kit as pictured above. Cast piston rings and rod bearings are also included. Please specify whether std. .010 or ,020 rod bearings. Piston rings will usually be supplied in std size but .020, .030, .040, and .060 are also available at no extra cost.

1960-69 ALL except 140hp and turbocharged     U-6590      $275.00                      1965-69  140hp     U-6591       $299.00             62-66 Turbo      U-6592       $315.00


B - ENGINE SUPERKIT      Includes  all the parts listed in the A kit PLUS  new main bearings (specify size std, .010 or .020), 6 new cast pistons with  bored and honed cylinder barrels to match.

1960-69 ALL except 140hp and turbocharged     U-6593       $761.00 plus cores on 65-69 cylinder barrels

1965-69 140hp         U-6594        $784.00 plus cores on cylinder barrels.

1962-66 Turbo         U-6595        $839.00 plus cores on 65-66 cylinder barrels  (Note this kit comes with  Chrome piston rings upgrade, which is highly recommended for turbo engines)

BX - ENGINE SUPERKIT   It's identical to the B kit above but doesn't include the main bearings. For those who do not intend to drop the engine and split the case.

1960-69 ALL except 140ho and turbocharged   U-6599      $669.00  plus core charges on 65-69 cylinder barrels.

1965-69 140hp         U-6600          $693.00   plus $120.00 core charge on cyl barrels

1962-66 Turbo         U-6601          $745.00   plus core charge on 65-66 cylinder barrels

        C - ENGINE SUPERKIT   Includes everything in the A and B kits but also includes a reground crankshaft (core or core charge required), a reground camshaft (see below for details), new cam gear, 12 new deep seat lifters, 12 new pushrods, 12 new headnuts. These kits have core charges list further down.

1960-69 ALL except 140hp and turbo                 U-6596         $1281.00

1965-69 140hp                                                     U-6597         $1305.00

62-66 Turbo   (see notes below)                           U-6598         $1360.00

* Turbo kit notes - 1962-63 turbo engines came with a special forged crankshaft that we will rarely have available. These kits will usually be supplied with the regular cast 62-63 crankshaft. This crank is more than adequate for all but extreme use.



OPTIONS - These can be added to any of the kits listed above except as noted.

NEW NOTE AS OF 3-11-14 -  The prices below are NOT what you can buy these parts for by themselves. "Upgrade" means that the part in question HAS to also be included in the particular kit you are ordering - Example - You cannot get an Isky cam for $135.00 when you buy an A or a B kit, as they do not include a camshaft. C kits Do include a camshaft and the "upgrade" to an Isky is an additional $135.00. 

FORGED PISTONS - Stronger than stock. Especially recommended for 140hp and turbo that will be abused. Note, these are not available for 60-63 engines.

Add $264.00 to B and C kits.

HIGH PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFT - Unless otherwise specified our kits include excellent stock regrind camshafts. Check the information below to decide which cam suits you best.

Add to C kits only Performance regrinds  add $20.00            New Isky cams   add $135.00

12 NEW ROCKER ARMS - Not always necessary in a rebuild but they are 40-50 years old.    Not presently in stock. The current crop of repros are from China and are junk.

VALVE GRIND SUPERKIT -  This kit includes 6 stainless steel exhaust valves, 5 steel intake valves, 12 bronze valve guides (supplied in std - other sizes available), 12 valve springs. Valve stem seals should be used are are included in the Rite Kit gasket kits already in each Engine kit.

Add to any kit   ex 140hp     add $180.00                           140hp     add   $195.00



        A  component that can have significant effect on your final  engine outcome is the camshaft. But are you certain you know how to get what you want?

1) HOW WILL THE ENGINE BE USED?  If you're building an engine that will occasionally be used to move your showcar or daily driver then there's no question that a stock grind is your best bet.  But let's suppose you're after more horsepower - then it gets complicated.

Streetable grinds are commonly in 4 general ranges. Stock, 260, 270 and 280 overall duration.

STOCK - Of course not all stock grinds are the same. That's why it's important to use our reground cams as our grinder finishes them to precise original specs giving you a predictable outcome. The safe bet is to order the stock cam that came with your engine but sometimes you can do a little manipulating with stock cams to get different end results. Call us so we can discuss these subtleties if this is the direction you might like to take.

260 GRIND - These cams are the most conservative of the performance grinds. They are safe with automatic transmission equipped cars and rob very little from low end power.

270 GRIND -  Not as radical as the 280 so you only have a moderate loss of low end power and a noticible increase in mid range and upper end. If you have an auto trans vehicle this cam will probably be ok but the idle in gear may be a little rough.

280 GRIND - The best choice if you're looking for the greatest gain and still stay streetable. But of course there are tradeoffs. A 280 cam will tend to idle rougher and you will lose some of your low end power. This could be an issue if you're putting this in a van or a pickup or an auto trans equipped car.

     Well, that's a simple description of the situation with cams. If you need more information don't hesitate to e mail or call us. All the cams listed above are available in our GoVair regrinds and the 260,270 and 280's are available as new Isky cams.



          Our pistons and barrels are available in std (1960-64 only), .020,.030,.040,.060 for all years. So which should you choose?

Keep in mind that the difference between the smallest overbore (.020) and the largest (.060) is not really much. In the general scheme of the engine it's less than 4%.

But while none of these sizes are radical don't forget that it's "free" additional horsepower. We have been selling these sizes for over 35 years and cannot see any significant drawbacks to any of them. We used to say that the larger the overbore the greater the fuel consumption - While I'm sure that's true it does not appear to be significant. A larger overbore also raises the compression ratio slightly - but once again, not radically.

Also remember that the larger your motor the greater the impact by such things as camshafts and mods to the carburation etc. Who can argue with free horsepower?



Parts that have to be remachined from original parts will usually require either your old remachinable parts or a core charge (which is refundable later). On these engine kits that includes cylinder barrels, crankshafts, camshafts, and rods. Your cores need to machinable. In other words, if you got your cores back re-machined would they be acceptable to you? You'd be surprised what scrap metal folks sometimes spend money to send us.


65-69 CYLINDER BARRELS -  $180.00 for 6 60-63 $90.00 1964 $120.00

60-63 CRANKSHAFTS -  $20.00    MUST be at standard all journals. Also large timing gear must be installed and in good condition.

64-69 CRANKSHAFTS - $75.00     Ditto

64-69 CAMSHAFTS -  The camshaft must match the cam you are ordering (except in the case of 260,270 and 280 regrinds where we prefer 891 or 304 cams)  $30.00

Camshafts cannot have visibly worn lobes and the bearing surfaces have to be good as those cannot be reground.



Corvair Underground can rebuild your shortblock, longblock or complete engine. Click HERE for further details.


To contact us about any of these parts  Our Phones   800-825-8247   (503-434-1648 outside USA)

E mail us   sales@corvairunderground.com