The stock Corvair alternator is fine for most daily use - But if you have a need for more power then our Hi-Output internally regulated alternator is for you!

INTERNALLY REGULATED - Means that wiring is as simple as it gets. No more external voltage regulators. Just one #10 red wire to the battery and one #18 wire to the engine harness to run the "idiot light".

HI OUTPUT - means that our alternators put out 65amps (average) as opposed to the stock 37 amps! That's nearly twice the output. Not only that but our alternators start charging sooner.

DON'T WORRY these are not oddball units utilizing exotic parts - all the internals are common off-the-shelf GM parts. We have simply adapted one of the most common GM alternators to fit and operate correctly on the Corvair.

Our alternators come complete with instructions and adaptor wiring. For 1965-69 Corvairs the changeover is VERY simple. We also offer a complete kit to convert 60-64 Corvairs over to this alternator - AN IMPORTANT UPGRADE.


1960-64 CARS and FC's (That currently have a generator) Kit includes Rebuilt hi-output internally regulated alternator, conversion wiring, instructions, used alternator adaptor casting, casting gasket. U-4037  $234.95

1965-69 CARS (also 65 FC) Kit is Rebuilt alternator, conversion wiring and instructions. $199.00 plus your old alternator (or a $15.00 core)

YES - WE BUY ALTERNATOR CORES! We pay $20.00 each for stock Corvair alternators. The cores MUST have a correct Corvair alternator fan/pulley.

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