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UPDATE AUGUST 2009! -Corvair Underground Inc has been serving Corvair lovers for nearly 36 years. During these many years we have been proud to offer a giant 300 page mail order catalog that we call THE CORVAIR BOOK.

Well, times change and in we have always been willing to change with them. We strongly believe that the future of Corvair parts mail order will rely less and less on large, expensive print catalogs. The internet is where the future's at (Isn't that why you're reading this right now?)

Beginning August 15 2009 we will no longer be selling our giant Corvair Book. But for those of you who still like print versions, we are working on a new slimmed down model. It will be about 40 pages, and should be ready by late September/Early October.

Right now if you want a print catalog, we will have to put you off a little. Email, fax or call us if you'd like the new catalog just as soon as it's ready. Spend no money now, we'll let you know when (Yes, it will be much cheaper than the old one - in fact a lot of you may get it for free). Oh yeah, we still have the whole big catalog online for free download - (It may be there a while)

The next bit of information was here before and we think it's important to repeat!

 Security Issues: We have taken precautions to protect the privacy of your credit card information. The Corvair Underground Web Site utilizes Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology which allows us to establish a secure, encrypted connection for our customers. Once a secure connection is established, any information that is sent through our Secure Server, such as data entered into a form, is encrypted so that even if the transmission is intercepted or misdirected it cannot be read.

All of your ordering information -- including your name, address, and credit card number -- is secure. You can safely enter your credit card and billing information and it cannot be read as the information travels to our ordering system.


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