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It is difficult to get a properly rebuilt Corvair engine these days. Unless you happen to live within a reasonable distance of one of the well known Corvair rebuilders then you're out of luck. These few rebuilders also  usually have a long waiting period as well.

While we can't offer in-car repair work through the "mail" we can offer you rebuilt short and long blocks for all years and models of Corvair.

Each job is custom manufactured to your specifications. As a result it is isn't practical to list every possibility. But we have listed some typical suggestions. This should at least give you a good idea what your rebuilt will cost.



As with all our rebuilds we chemically clean the block and all attaching castings. A short block includes assembled block with reground crankshaft and camshaft. New cam gear, lifters, keys, new main bearings, and all pertinent gaskets and seals. New cast pistons, rod bearings and bored and honed barrels and rings are all installed as well. Also includes a bell housing installed with gasket and seal.

This rebuild is essentially a complete basic engine but without the heads, head gaskets or head nuts. Top blower bearing cover is not included.

1960-69 80, 84, 95, 98,110hp       $2259.50        140 and turbo engines slightly higher.



Same as the short block but both cylinder heads are included and properly torqued down. The valve adjustment is cold-set. The top bearing cover is  installed as well, with a new blower bearing. Also includes valve covers installed.

With long blocks its important to note that the cylinder head work can add substantially to the cost. If we are able to do a simple valve grind with minimal guide and valve replacement it will be lower. Unfortunately many of the core heads you run across need all valves and guides to be replaced. This is based, of course, on using your cores. If our engine core is used then the price is fixed below.

1960-69 80, 84, 95, 98, 110hp     $3200.00     140 and turbo engines $3700.00***


COMPLETE ENGINE - Local customers ONLY

This is for you guys that want a bench-tested, ready to install engine. We do everything in the long block but also install all blasted and painted sheet metal, supply a rebuilt harmonic balancer (pre 1964 engines do not use balancers) , install rebuilt carburetors, rebuilt distributor, rebuilt alternator, complete engine tuneup including spark plug wires, spark plugs, air filter, coil and fan belt. A new pilot bushing is installed for all manual transmission engines.

Engine is bench tested and adjusted running before shipment. Lower shrouds are included but damper door t-stats may be difficult to come by and are not included in this estimate.

Note - If your engine is for a non-Corvair application the rebuild may not include all lower and perimeter shrouding.

NOTE - Complete rebuilt engines are only offered to customers within a 200 mile radius of our shop. Contact us to get pricing and delivery times etc.



A rebuilt engine requires a  rebuild-able core. This can be supplied by you or purchased from us at extra cost. The pitfalls with core engines are that, once disassembled, you never know which parts can be used. This is especially true of the cylinder heads. With complete engines (as shown above) the core situation gets even more complicated, including the carbs, balancer, alternator, distributor etc. When planning your rebuild make sure to talk with us about your core situation.

Some sample core prices - non 140, non turbo, $300.00 for all but complete engines.  140hp or turbo $600.00 for all but complete engines.



All rebuilds require a 75% down payment with the balance due on or before completion of the work.  Build times will vary depending on work load and time of year. We accept Cash (local only),  cashiers checks or  money orders for payment. We also require a signed and returned (to us) copy of our warrantee. Work will not commence until we have this. Warrantee is here


Our rebuilt engines are now (as of Aug 1 2013) part of our Underground dollar discount program - but in a slightly different way. The rebuilt engines themselves are not eligible for the discount BUT they DO contribute to your eligibility.  For example, if you purchased a rebuilt longblock you would still pay the full $2999.00 BUT you would automatically be eligible for 10% off all future parts purchased for the coming year. If you have any questions about how these discounts work don't hesitate to contact us.


All our rebuilt engines are warranted for a period of one year against defects in our parts or workmanship. Under NO circumstances do we warranty valve seats* or any kind of damage resulting from misuse or improper installation or adjustment.

Engines that are used in non-Corvair applications or used in racecars, dune buggies or Ultravans, are not warranted.

We DO NOT rebuild Corvair engines for ANY type of aircraft use!!

* Why don't we warranty valve seats? No matter how well a pair of heads are inspected or reworked there is always the possibility that irresponsible operation of the engine can cause a valve seat failure.  Valve seat failures are not that common in most Corvair engines - but - when it happens literally the entire engine can be trashed, sometimes to the point of even leaving usable core parts!

***VALVE SEAT UPDATE - We fortunately deal with one of the Country's premier Corvair head builders who will do heads for us with "guaranteed" valve seats. The service is surprisingly affordable. Call us to discuss this option. NOTE - This seat work is mandatory for all turbo and 140 engines and is included in the price.

Valve seat failure is easily preventable and should never cause a problem for you, whether you buy one of our engines or not. We drive and rely on our Corvairs tens of thousands of miles a year and have not seen valve seat failures. If the reason you need a rebuilt engine is because your present engine has "dropped" a valve seat then talk with us at length prior to ordering.



We've listed some basic engine rebuilds. Of course many options are also available to increase horsepower and extend life of the engine. Our engines listed above are intended to last at least 100,000 miles plus if properly maintained and not abused (Like, for example, running it 10 miles without a fan belt!).

As always contact us if you have questions. We will build exactly the engine you want!



We can always build a crate and ship via truck to anywhere a truck can go. If you are also within a 500 mile radius we may be able to deliver as well. All delivery options are, of course, extra cost. We'll be happy to discuss them.



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